AI-driven fashion app for outfit inspiration

Browzzin is your favourite app to browse and find fashion and style inspiration from a community of fashionistas using a cutting-edge Visual Recognition technology. Whether you are looking to share your own personal styles, discover the latest trends, or shop the hottest products from the world’s leading brands, Browzzin is for you.

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Great job!! 😊 Could it Support Indian dresses and design ? Would love to have this on it.
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The premise here is pretty cool, I sometimes find myself admiring someone's shoes or top while riding on the tube but wouldn't ask a stranger where they bought something from. Have you tried out the visual recognition? @darktips
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Yes, I have been using this app since their launch (2 weeks ago). I love it so far! When you upload a photo, it will automatically detect various fashion objects (sunglass, dress, shirt, shoes, trousers, etc.). You will get a list of item suggestions with exact match or which closely resembles the one in the photo. They currently provide over 1.5 million shoppable products across 10, 000 brands. So next time you found that beautiful shoes someone else is wearing, grab your phone, snap a photo and upload it through Browzzin. It is very likely that you will find it online @abadesi :)
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Easy to use, even for old guys like me ;-) Fast detection and matching to similar product with quite substantial product mix.


Allows users - from seasoned to pro's to bored mums and dads to take their 'cut' of the social shopping action with ease


Early days - just launched so need to get more fans and friends to help drive everyone's ability to build their own 'social salary'

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