Make your Pinterest Boards shoppable.

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Instantly imports all of your fashion pins from Pinterest. Uses image recognition techniques to identify products in the pins.Scour the web to find those products at a lower price. Really interesting. Pinterest should acquire them ;)
@kwdinc where is the transaction happening - in Browsy or on the retailer's web page?
@daveambrose at the retailer's web page... for now :)
Clever. Connect your Pinterest account and instantly you have your own storefront. I'm curious how effective it is at finding these items for sale.
@rrhoover right now we're seeing that 50% of products identified are on 30% or greater discount because the sharing cycle on Pinterest is so long (2-5 months). Lots of slashed MSRPs!!
Thanks to @kwdinc. Product Hunters, feel free to ask any questions about Browsy and we'll get back you ASAP
How about affiliate links for this? That'd be a great feature for many people.
@SacBookReviewer We're working on understanding attribution so that content originators are funneled appropriate affiliates. Hairy problem!