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Test IP, DNS, DNS over TLS, Network info. Complete & Fast.

If you've ever googled "what's my IP", then you'll love our modern IP, DNS Test. More revealing, useful results with zero spammy ads and designed with care. said it "reports more details about your DNS servers than anywhere else that I know of". Includes advanced results such as DNS over TLS & DNSSEC and networks info

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Jesse Adams
Jesse AdamsMaker@jesseshappyhour · CEO, Tenta Browser
Hey everyone, Jesse here representing Tenta. Wanted to share a bit more about this browser test tool, API behind it and why it's unique. There are many IP/DNS test sites available, but most were built a long time ago. They are usually not mobile-friendly or outdated. We built a progress web app with customizable results for an app-like experience. And what's especially unique is our API returns more advanced DNS results than the typical dns leak tests that give ISP/IP/hostname/location. For example, you might want to know if DNS over TLS is enabled. This is a relatively new protocol, but an increasingly important setting that actually keeps your DNS requests encrypted/private. You can also see if DNSSEC is enabled or "Checking Disabled" is on or off. Overall, these results give you a more complete picture of your DNS privacy and security settings. The API is also open sourced if you want to check it out or use it in your own web apps!