Brown Boot Works

Smallbiz management system in Google cloud

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Brown Boot Works - An easy-to-use tool for a business leader.

Clients, leads, sales funnel, projects, tasks, teamwork, budgets.

Alexander Ivanov
  • Alexander Ivanov
    Alexander IvanovMore apps! More convenience! More jobs!

    This app is really deeply integrated with Google services.


    It seems to me that this application can become even more cute.

    I like that small teams can use it for free.

    Alexander Ivanov has used this product for one year.
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Oleg Karpov
Oleg KarpovMaker@olegkarpov_bbs · co-founder Brown Boot Soft
Hello PH! Thanks to @_jacksmith from PH for helping us out! Our team is loyal users of Google cloud services. We love Android and G Suite. They let us be mobile and effective. We started using these technologies for our small business (IT) several years ago. 15 months ago we made up our mind to create a system expanding capabilities of Google services for running small business. The functions we added were tasks, teamwork, clients management, sales, projects and budgets. It’s not every small business that requires separate expensive and complex systems for managing finance operations, workflow, projects, sales and customer relationships. Use of the Brown Boot Works service let you get the basic functions of all these systems within the same package. We are using the service ourselves and hope it will be of use to other small companies. For PH members we offer a special discount for the subscription. See details on our website. We would appreciate if you find time to take a look at the service. Any feedback is welcome. Brown Boot Soft team
Albert BBS
Albert BBSMaker@brownbootsoft · CEO, Brown Boot Soft
We invite everyone to register in our service before the October 18, 2017 and get a permanent 30% discount for future subscriptions.