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#5 Product of the DayJuly 30, 2019
Group and private chat, file transfer, screen-sharing, screen-shot, whiteboard and more for your team collaboration. Reap the benefits of instant messaging with full control of your team network and encrypted communication channels.
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Hello everyone and thank you @nikola_baldikov for hunting Brosix! I’m Stefan Chekanov, the co-founder and CEO of Brosix. We are a company dedicated to secure and efficient team communication. That’s the spirit we developed Brosix in, what drives our work forward, and what we hope to share with a wider audience. Brosix is a private instant messenger with security and efficient collaboration at its heart. We’ve developed a product that gives teams full administrative control over their own private instant messaging networks. This helps them stay focused, and keeps their data secure. Our range of collaborative features such as text, video and audio chat, screen sharing and remote desktop, and unlimited file transfer, among many others, help teams to boost team productivity through efficient collaboration. THE PROBLEM Many businesses and organizations rely on either a range of different open collaboration tools for their internal communication, and/or tools with questionable security standards. This presents security risks as well as the potential for team members to become distracted and unfocused in their work. THE SOLUTION Brosix brings together in a single package the convenient instant messaging, chat, and several collaboration features - a team needs one easily administrable and totally secure package. This helps teams to streamline their communication and boost their productivity, all while protecting their data. We’re very excited to hear from you and start a conversation around Brosix! Your feedback and questions are invaluable to us as we continue to improve our product, so please share freely!
I`m so excited to hear your feedback and questions.
@nikola_baldikov @stefan_chekanov Honestly, the UI doesn't seem very professional to me. It would be nice to invest more time on the presentation and the overall user experience (UX). As for the features, could you explain the main differences between Slack and Brosix? Other than the Whiteboard feature, I don't see why I would switch to Brosix if I'm on Slack. Offering a Freemium approach could also be beneficial to get started then simply giving a free trial.
@owenfar1 Thank you for your comment! UI and UX is an every-day effort, because user needs and expectations are contstantly changing. With every new release we always consider imrpoving user experience with Brosix. The main difference between Brosix and Slack is in its core. Brosix is an Instant Messenger application. It is designed to sit quietly on your task-bar with a small icon and not distract you while you work. You can just close its window and work on yor tasks. And when someone messages you, or sends you a file, you are immediately notified. Or when you need to send a message, you are one click away from contacting your colleague. Brosix core idea is the good old instant messaging, but loaded with more collaboration and team-related features. Brosix is particularly strong in directly connecting individuals and groups of people, making it well-suited for concrete project work and remote management. In addition, managers have full control on user accounts, the features they can use and the contacts they can communicate with. I would suggest you try Brosix with your collegues. After starting, you get a 30-day completely free of charge with all features activated and up to 1,000 user accounts. No card required, and no up-front payment. When the Free Trial expires, you may switch to a paid plan, or you may continue with the forever-free Startup plan.
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@trifon86 Thanks for your support!
I've been using Brosix and I'm very happy with it because it has everything I need for private communication with my team. Good luck Brosix team!
@georgitodorovbg Thank you for the feedback. We at Brosix work hard to provide a service that could help you communicate more efficiently. What gives us inspiration to keep up with the good work are the many satisfied clients just like you that help us grow by keeping in touch with us. Keep it that way. Have a wonderful day.
Good luck with the product!