Emoji for Bros, by Bros.

#5 Product of the DayJune 05, 2016



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Greg Worrall@gregjwww · Founder of 🚀
Please be a parody, please.
Daniel LiCalziMaker@daniel_licalzi · Cofounder @ Bromoji
@gregjwww Less parody, more satire. It's a hilarious app... Hope you get a kick out of it, bro!
Daniel LiCalziMaker@daniel_licalzi · Cofounder @ Bromoji
Sup Bros, My name's Dan and I'm one of the four co-founder of Bromoji and I just wanted to share a little bit about how we came up with Bromoji and what it's all about... It's a cool story, bro! There we were, the four of us, on a quad chairlift at Stratton ski mountain in Vermont this past January, shooting the shit when Pete, Martin's older brother says, "How come there are no emoji apps for dudes? What's up with that?!" Now, on the chair lift, from left to right, you have Pete who's in Marketing, Martin who is an amazingly talented artist, Liam who’s a CFA charterholder, and Me, an interaction/industrial designer. So, after Pete's "epiphany" we were all like "yeah, that's true" which quickly became "Bro, we could really do this!” So then, Pete says, “yeah, and we can call it BROMOJI!" And that’s how Bromoji began. Oh and our good friend Colin, an our fantastic developer from, happend to be staying at the same ski house too... Bromoji pokes fun at “bro” culture. It’s a way for bros to get a laugh from their buddies or flirt with their girls or boys. It's outrageously funny and satirical and has been featured by Maxim, Tech Times, Brooklyn Magazine and more! We really have fun and crack each other up every time we come up with a good one and for me that’s what it’s all about. So I’m writing on Product hunt to extend that fun to anyone who feels like coming up with a Bromoji which we haven’t thought of yet or leaving us a comment to think about or respond too. Feel free to as ask us any questions about our development process; like how we were able to work together so easily and seamlessly in such a short amount of time. Stay Bro, Dan
Daniel LiCalziMaker@daniel_licalzi · Cofounder @ Bromoji
Update bros!: Our new marketing images above were just approved by apple! So you all should see them in the app store in about an hour... :) I'll let ya know when to look!
Daniel LiCalziMaker@daniel_licalzi · Cofounder @ Bromoji
What's your favorite Bromoji?! Also, if you think we're missing a Bromoji feel free to shout it out!
ClickBid Online@clickbidonline · Owner, ClickBid Mobile Bidding
Funny app for the guy (bro) who has everything.