W3C Open standard libraries for multi-platform communication

Broid helps developers to connect the best messaging services to their applications, allowing them to communicate with their customers on multiple messaging channels and empower their conversational experience with AI solutions.

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It's funny how things come around again when you least expect it. I worked on the ActivityStreams project almost 10 years ago with something I started call the DiSo Project (short for "distributed social network"). The idea was to build open, interlocking formats and protocols to enable the social web to recreate aspects of Facebook in a decentralized model (yes, kind of like Diaspora). We made quite a bit of progress, but it was hard to find product market fit, and even though I went to Google to promote the technologies, Google ended up kind of heading in a different direction with Google+, and never really released a publishing API. Anyway, I handed over the ActivityStreams project to the community and went on my way. Now, many years later, thanks to the contributions of dozens of people including @evanpro and @jasnell it's been turned into a W3C standard and people are actually building on it! This is super exciting to see, and I'm very happy to have been introduced to the Broid team by @andymauro.
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Thanks a lot Chris for hunting us! Issam, Dustin and myself are also incredibly happy by this introduction (thanks a lot @andymauro). We’re also very excited to make the official launch of Broid, an open source project to connect your app/bot to the top messaging channels leveraging the W3C open standards. The particularity of Broid is the simplicity of its approach toward the communication challenges that you may encounter when developing your AI application. 1. We don’t aim to solve multiple problems nor propose a full set of tools, we choose to focus on one thing and do it well. 2. We don’t impose anything new, we’re using the largest open standards to apply them into the new AI area. 3. What we offer belongs to the community, it cannot be sold, nor perverted by commercial incentives. 4. As of today, we propose the largest set of messaging channels, for free. ;) We'll be here all day to answer your questions! Here are our current integrations: - Amazon Alexa - Callr @mikeendale - Discord - Flowdock - Gitter @gitchat - GroupMe - Google Assistant @gelfenbeyn - IRC - Kik - Line - Messenger @davidmarcus - Nexmo - Skype - Slack @stewart - Telegram @durov - Twillio @jeffiel - Twitter - Viber - WeChat (next couple of days)
Congrats guys on the launch. I'm super proud of your achievements and the mission you're on. It's going to help the entire community and I can't wait to see where this goes. I love the fact that you went open source!
Thanks @pedramdara ! All feedback are welcome if you want to help us to improve Broid.
:) Looking forward to be powering Bottr using this great framework
@jcampbell_05 We love what you're doing!
Amazing work guys and great initiative! Can't wait to see the impact of Broid on the community.