Stream Broadway shows like Netflix

What?!! Incredible! 🎥Since I don't live in NYC anymore, Broadway shows have become scarce in my life. This is a great remedy. Can't wait to try it. 💃
@jacqvon so fitting that the new emoji update includes jazz hands 🤗🤗🤗 - but you will only see them if you have the update 😏
OMG. Everyone I know has texted me today asking if I've seen this. Because you can't know me and not know how obsessed I am with Broadway This is amazing! 50% of why I moved to NYC was to be able to see shows. But I always wish that more shows did what RENT did and film and release a performance! Especially with things like Hedwig, limited time things, and stuff like that. And there are so many classics I've wanted to see but I'm stuck waiting for a revival of them. Stuck no more! I'm SO excited to see where this goes. :)
Cool thing about this product that if it starts getting more traction then maybe they'll start releasing new productions :)
Cool, but... It seems like only the old shows are available to watch online?
Getting hit with localised unavailability, in 2015. Which sucks.