Broadway VR

The first, fully immersive VR theater experience.

Broadway VR makes immersive theater shows with 3D staging technology that's accessible through a wearable consumer headset. 
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Hi PH! How are you all holding up COVID19? These are uncertain times and inspiring many ideas to launch quickly. I went to a Broadway show before the lockdown, Harry Potter and the cursed child, and spent $300 per ticket. That's when I realized the technological impact of a truly immersive, theater experience, at home, in VR, and what it means to the entertainment industry. We are building a VFX-first, immersive content platform upgrading the real theater experience to online, with immersive 3D experience. If you have a VR headset, experience our trailer with 3D effects in your Youtube VR application:
Today, we are announcing our production platform where anyone can participate in theater production and get returns based on PPM views model (similar to Youtube) with a chance to earn more. We believe this will help us debut with at least 10-12 immersive plays with the help of passionate producers. Join us at, and if you are interested in producing with our studio, please apply here:
Great idea Ravi, all the best!
Truly wishes 🎉🎉
Nice idea! VR is the perfect tool for growing physically constrained broadway without taking away the live experience. Eager to try it!
Much needed disruption. COVID19 sped up innovation by 5-10 years. It created an environment that allows for rapid adoption and adaptation. Broadway VR is one of those innovations.