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The Internet is noisy. This is a content platform where you only receive curated content from people and broadcasts you subscribe to.
Ex: Subscribe to 'Palak's Article Recommendations' every week. Or 'Updates about Elon Musk and his Companies'.
  • Hitarth Sheth
    Hitarth Sheth15. Founder, Buddhimaan -VR in School!😎

    - Curated and high-quality stuff to read every day. Helps in reading new and thought-provoking articles✌️


    None so far, but ability to start our own broadcast and adding a discovery option would be good 😀

    Been receiving Palak's broadcasts since a long time through WhatsApp everyday and I read (most of them) before sleeping every day 😊 One suggestion would be to add excerpt in app (like you did on WhatsApp)

    Hitarth Sheth has used this product for one year.
  • Arvind Lakhani
    Arvind LakhaniI'm a designer.

    Daily recommendations


    None so far that I could figure out.

    I was one of the early subscribers of Palak's broadcast list and it has been great to see him grow the concept into a product.

    Arvind Lakhani has used this product for one year.
Hi PH, Meet Broadcast Lists. This is a one-to-all content platform where people only receive curated content from people and broadcasts they subscribe to. This is one of the initial versions of the product and we've started with our first 15 Broadcasts. As of now, you can subscribe to these Broadcast and receive curated content regularly. We're going to open Broadcaster signups very soon i.e. you will be able to start your own Broadcast and others will be able to subscribe to it. Broadcaster Signups will be launched on the app. Looking forward to hear from all of you! :D
@palakzatakia Is there any restriction to who can start a broadcast? Also, what is the frequency of these messages?
@palakzatakia Is there a web app version?
Curated good quality content. Good work guys.
A perfect replacement for Twitter with high signal/noise ratio. Must try if you’re looking for curated articles/thoughts/new learnings by smart people😀
I like the content a lot. Its a great discovery and knowledge platform for different interests.