Connecting Beards with Beard Strokers

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I feel left out. Such beardless FOMO. This is for you, @alexisohanian. Also relevant: The Bearded Bastard ("like crack, but for your beard").
@rrhoover Hah. Funny story about this I'll have to tell you in person next time we hang out....
As a proud beard owner: yes. I like that there's a product screenshot on the home page. It's not enough for me to give up my email yet but it's a large step beyond a lot of products. I just need to understand a bit more how a product works, what I can expect, and how it will make my life better/easier before I hand over my email. Can't beardly wait to see where this goes!
Right in time for Movember and No Shave November! Perfect.
I thought this was a joke but apparently not. I believe the maker is John Kershaw @wardrox