Slack bot that answers the questions you get asked too often

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Hello everyone. @brisbybot is a simple knowledge management bot that stores answers to commonly asked questions in your team. Right now it supports simple Q&A (What/Where) and multi-step tutorial-like flows (How). More features are on the way. I'm thinking "questions for the CEO" and topics.
This is something we have slackbot programmed to do. For example; when people are looking for a particular room in the office - slackbot gives them an answer with a link to the office map.
@lemurf Any info on how you set up slackbot to do this?
@joshdance @lemurf You can configure slackbot to respond to specific keywords with canned responses. It's very basic and requires manual tuning so that slackbot doesn't spam your channels. @brisbybot looks smart enough to solve that issue though!
@tianhan2 @joshdance What he said ☝️
Love this too. Could see this being implemented as a Help Desk type bot. Very cool.