Briq for Slack

Engage your team with easy daily recognition

Briq is on a mission: help teams build a unique company culture in minutes, not years! πŸ‘«πŸ‘­

Briq lets you show recognition thanks to virtual credits with a simple Slack command. Celebrate small and big wins, engage your teammates, and spread recognition in your company every single day.

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"Thanks" is such a small word but it makes such a big difference. I am Laurent, the maker, and I am thrilled to release Briq on Product Hunt today! It all started from a simple observation: "thanks" is easy to say, but easier to forget. But when it is received the right way, it really makes your day πŸ™ƒ. πŸ‘‰ Here is how it works: Start by adding Briq to your team's Slack Invite who you want: your team or the entire company! Start spreading recognition with a simple command on slack. The whole team πŸ‘­πŸ‘« and I are ready to answer all your questions! Feel free to share the ❀️ with your friends, the more the merrier πŸ˜‰ Thanks, Laurent
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We're supper happy users of Briq, here at Slite. The team behind Briq built an incredible product, super easy to use and which brings a truly new dimension to the way we celebrate each of our daily micro milestones.

The idea behind briq is super simple : you can give briq, and receive some from your colleague via Slack commands. The way you use them afterwhile is up to your team : you can use one of their apps or code your own.

This is especially useful as part of our team is working remotely : it brings back some non-verbal elements of communication you experience in an office.

It clearly has become essential in our daily live @πŸ›° πŸ€—


simplicity, hapiness @ work



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Thanks Christophe, it's been a ton of fun building Briq with beta users like you and the Slite team.

Use it everyday at the office! Really creates awesome vibes in our team. It's an easy way to create a culture of collaboration in your team. Sending and receiving Briqs just feels good, it's that celebration of the little wins throughout the day that you really need to power through the day :)


super easy to use (directly in Slack), no friction to deploy in our team



Thanks Julien, the Station team really adopted Briq fully and quickly :-D Your "partly-remote-team" setup also taught us a lot of things.

Briq has a super positive impact on team dynamics, empowering everyone to thank each other and recognize team members' accomplishments/help/ideas etc!


Easy, fun and it really encourages you to thank your teammates more often and more naturally.


None - this is the best (if not only) peer recognition I've ever used at work

The app "Bootiq" should help fixing the Con I've mentioned :-)


An easy way to spread recognition across a team/organization


For some, might need to be paired up with rewards to transform recognition into something tangible.