Bring Google View Image Back

A Chrome extension that brings the view image option back 😼


This extension just brings it back. That beautiful Button. It brings it back. Brings back the "View Image" button on Google Image results page, clicking on which will open the full size image in a new tab.

Also, I made it Open Source (MIT License). Check here:

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Nikita Begun
Gaurav Agrawal
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  • Ollie McQuitty
    Ollie McQuittyMD of Visualizar

    Reinstates one of the most used features of Google Images



    Along with thousands of others, I was fairly shocked at the news of Google's removal of the 'View Image' button. Despite the fair reasoning behind their decision, it's now made life with a lot of my clients quite difficult. This plugin solves that problem.

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  • Raitis
    RaitisMaker at

    One click less?


    Nothing is really missing

    I don't get why I need it?

    I can still right click on an image and select View image in a new tab or Copy image url which is what I most often need anyway. Search by image isn't gone anythere either.

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  • Arsen Solomonov
    Arsen Solomonovmarried, raising a daughter

    simple and good


    none yet


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