BrilliantPad: Self-Cleaning Indoor Dog Potty

🐶💩 Puppy Pads are Finally Getting an Upgrade

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Alan Cook
Alan CookMaker@alanjcook · Founder • Brilliant Pet 2 LLC
Hey Hunters! I am excited to celebrate the launch of BrilliantPad™ with all of you. BrilliandPad is the world's first automatic, self-cleaning indoor potty system for puppies and small dogs. Ultra absorbent, eco-friendly pads refresh automatically to seal waste and lock away odor. This allows BrilliantPad to be hands-free for weeks at a time, then replacing a pad roll is fast, easy and clean. BrilliantPad continues to grow online. Check out our Indiegogo page at, or head to to learn more and pre-order. There are still a few early bird deals available! We are excited to hear what you think. Thanks! - Alan
Tobi Skovron
Tobi Skovron@tobiskovron · Entrepreneur & Cursed With Ambition
@alanjcook Awesome Alan!!!! Pets and their owners are going to love this - well done