f.lux for Philips Hue bulbs



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Nikita Korotaev — Incubating products @ Glocal Partners
Interesting! Would love the same for my LIFX bulbs.
John Hurliman — Head of Product @ Earnest
@nikitakorotaev you're the second person to ask so I will put it at the top of my list for a point release!
Noah Norman — Hard Work Party
@jhurliman @nikitakorotaev I took a whack at this - here's my version as a daemon - feel free to pull from it -- this implementation addresses some oddities of the LIFX color space, which has a floating white point, allowing pure whites when the saturation value is zero, but complicating transitions from 'white' to color and vice versa. I think it's worth doing correctly for the high quality of white light from LIFX lamps, so my version only uses saturated colors around and after sunset.
I used to use it on Mac, extremely useful but annoying ! It wont stop dimming if you even delete the app!
John Hurliman — Head of Product @ Earnest
@mbparsa the app uses a 15 second timer for all of the transitions, could that be what you were seeing? Once the app is either put in off mode or closed you should not see any more activity from Brilliance since it needs to continuously talk to the Hue bridge to keep brightening or dimming lights.
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