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Co-Founder/CEO here. If you have any questions, please let us know. We're very excited to finally release this platform to the general public.
The landing page lacks a lot of information.
@danr_4 it's intentional. We're still early in our development, but the platform will allow you to get a RESTful API and some microservices up and running very quickly. We'll be rolling out additional bots as the weeks progress. Would love more feedback. Feel free to email me directly. It's josh (at) brightwork (dot) io. Thanks!
@theindiehost I don't get why it's intentional. Just show me what I would actually do with your product. a simple use case example with a bit of code (or not) should suffice.
@danr_4 Yup. That's coming. We'll have example apps built and complete documentation. Hoping to have that done today. Sorry if this caused confusion. Thanks for the feedback.
Met the BrightWork team through our own interviews with TechStars. Super excited to give this a try being a focused JS dev myself.
@dandigangi Thanks! It was good meeting you at the TechCrunch event. Hope you find Brightwork useful and please reach out if you have questions.
Saw your flyer in 1871, had no idea what this was. Checked out PH, concept is very cool! Just tried signing up, but the orange button is not working via Chrome!
@kevinyun Ha, I saw the same flyer at 1871 and hopped on PH.
@kevinyun Can you try again? Sorry for the trouble. If you're in 1871, feel free to come find us in the Techstars space.
I followed the signup, and found myself subscribed in mailinlist, is there way to login?
@aigdonia You'll get an activation link soon. Thanks!
@theindiehost thanks, can't wait
@aigdonia Had the same issue. You maybe want to add a notification that an activation link is coming!
@aigdonia OK nevermind just got it. maybe I am too impatient
@jeffrey_wyman There is some lag. Sorry about that. :(