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This looks awesome. My wife and I find it to be a huge pain managing all the admin around our kids' daycare - bills, remembering to bring in more diapers/sunscreen, communicating with staff, looking up policies, etc. The only problem is that many of the more senior staff at our daycare aren't that welcoming of new technology - it's been like pulling teeth trying to get them to put basic information up on their website. @davevasen any tips for getting daycare providers excited about signing up? Is there a mode that works just between parents that want to sign up. Cheers.
@jnugget Thanks for reaching out! Your pain points are exactly why we created @brightwheel. We've definitely heard the challenges around new tech in pre-k. The key is that we built @brightwheel for daycares first, parents second. Versus asking daycares and preschools to change behavior, @brightwheel puts their current activities all in one place + makes it easier/faster. We're happy to kick off the conversation - you and other parents can invite your daycare via the app and we'll take it from there. lf you do have a chat with your daycare, if I can suggest, rather than focus on the tech or even brightwheel, ask them what's most frustrating/time consuming/costly for them in terms of their school and business. That tends to be a natural segway into what we just launched :). Please reach out if I and the team can be helpful. Thanks!
Known Dave for a while - this is awesome news and they've approached this problem in a really thoughtful way.
I am leaving this comment after seeing the success you are having with Brightweel as my product just got on here a couple of weeks ago. Congratulations! Brightwheel is a great SaaS platform for early childhood education! Thanks for sharing your insights about Shark Tank on LinkedIn as well :)