Actionable metrics for subscription businesses

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Jeff Judge
@jjudge · CEO, Bright
Hi hunters! We're excited to open up Bright in beta today for Stripe users. While there are a lot of great tools out there to help you track the what of your KPIs, what's missing is the why and how. Our mission is to build a product that helps you grow your subscription business faster by surfacing actionable insights. This is a very early release of our pro… See more
Companies have to work too hard to get to actionable metrics... Bright makes it easy. I love this team and what they're building. They're launching in beta today for Stripe users (https://www.bright.io/blog/intro...) and looking for feedback.
Brian Luerssen
@bluerssen · Preposterous, Inc
Love this team and product. They're building this to surface insights they wish they had in previous businesses. Too many companies waste cycles misunderstanding what is actually happening with their customers and metrics.
Eric Metelka
@eric3000 · Product Manager, PowerReviews
I've been an early user of Bright. We use Braintree for our SaaS payments and their dashboard is not actionable at all. Aggregated data focused on management of transactions and subscriptions. I keep data on customer segments and their MRR in a spreadsheet. Bright solves this by allowing us to look at customer segments and their SaaS metrics in detail. This… See more
Congrats @jjudge & team! Very excited to see this live - many companies sell analytics of one kind or another, but all too few focus on actionable and quick insights. Ironically this is just what everyone is hoping high-priced suites will do w/o the need for 10 in-house data scientists & endless customization projects.