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This is interesting. I imagine they got the idea after seeing political stuff on Facebook and thinking "let's take this out of Facebook and into its own platform". I can't help but worry, though, that it'll end up as an exercise in confirmation bias. They even encourage you to "find friends and neighbors who agree with you" on their website, and that kind of behavior (i.e. only exposing yourself to people/views you agree with) can be dangerous imo.
@bryantpeng I agree and worry the same thing. I wouldn't mind a place that gives a forum for healthy debate and information gathering, but it would be worthless without an unbiased evaluation of the facts, like politifact.
From the makers of Causes, now comes Brigade. The idea is to easily share your political stance on various issues, and have your social network speak up on those same issues. Here's a recent story on TechCrunch:
@putorti Is it possible to get an invite code for PH users? maybe 'producthunt'? it's really difficult for me to invite friends since it syncs up with FB/Contacts and it's slow on syncing up - should also allow people to type in their friend's email/# and it'll invite them! but great concept overall. really fun and i love using it
Great Fox News Channel segment on Brigade:
Brigade just launched new tools that allow users to unlock and explore their political districts and compare their views with fellow voters and politicians who represent them. Read more: