Create powerful mockups

I used Briefs a few releases back to get an idea for an app out of my head. It took me about 15 minutes of playing around and an hour later I had a functioning mockup on my phone that I could put in front of developers. Awesome tool.
Here are a few other prototyping/wireframing tools previously shared on Product Hunt: - POP (iPhone prototyping made easy) - via @koesbong - MarvelApp (Create interactive prototypes from files in Dropbox) - via @kaz cc @mutlu82 - Invision (Prototyping & collaboration for design teams) - via @iamjohnp - Composite (Make your photoshops prototypes interactive!) - via @kwdinc - Flinto (Quickly Create iOS Prototypes) - via @hscasey - FluidUI (Easily create interactive mobile prototypes) - via @LennsHu