A simple weekly summary of Google Analytics

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Google Analytics can be a real pain (we even pushed pageviews to Mixpanel for awhile at StackLead). This is a great summary email that lets you know how you're doing versus the previous month.
I think I was the first user of Briefmetrics (having been a huge fan of @shazow's earlier Socialgrapple) and this is easily one of the most high-value, low-friction services I use. The emails are always super useful and focused on just the most important info. Takes me a minute to scan the email and big issues (like a big referrer falling off) are immediately visible. I rarely even sign into GA any more because the emails have all the info I need week to week. Highly recommended.
Hey everyone, I made Briefmetrics. I actually used to work on Google Analytics at Google for a while. One of the big frictions was that people would neglect signing in to check their stats, or navigating the frontend would just take too much effort (over 30 clicks to get the equivalent of a Briefmetrics report). My goal is to provide opinionated analytic—highlight the parts that are important. It might not be perfect for every scenario, but it should get you most of the way there every Monday morning. Hit me up with any questions here or find my email in the footer of the site. :)
@shazow same reason we put weekly forecasted emails into @Levers - hunted here: Like the emails on normal GA though. useful.
@ChuckReynolds Nice, signed up for an invitation! Looks like a slick dashboard—I am a fan of dashboards. Very few also do a good job at delivering what you'd want to see in an email, looking forward to it. :) I try to focus more on delivering analytics to your inbox. I feel that unless your job is analytics, it should not be a destination that you hang out in. Just something you consume and move on. GA has a feature for that too actually, but it's incredibly hard to configure and you get each report as a separate PDF attachment—basically a snapshot of what you'd see inside GA. :/
@shazow totally agree. I'll look for your signup and get you the invite. standby. Cheers
I'm a huge fan of Briefmetrics — running a bunch of different web apps, and it's been great to get an update on their health weekly without having to check Google Analytics myself (and click through a thousand reports.)
Hey @rrhoover can we get @shazow commenting access so he can answer questions?
@johnsheehan Access acquired, thanks. :)