Custom swipe and GIF keyboard

This is a killer, with similar and better features then Google's GBoard app ( Via the BriefKey - You can search and share your contacts/location, view your calendar, share your photos and do much more all from within the keyboard :-) Pretty time saving isn't it ? Would tag the team behind this app very soon :-)
@adithya looks pretty cool!
This looks sick.. Gotta actually try this one
@nivo0o0 'Sick' or 'Slick' :-P Looks cool though :-)
Is there an ETA for Swedish language support?
@mattiasd_ would tag Allen @regoapps to answer your question :-)
@mattiasd_ I upvote your comment just for the 'Moops' tagline
@shaharyakir haha, thank you for your good taste! I upvote YOUR comment for that. ;)
@adithya Thanks for tagging! @regoapps, any idea?
So here is a short intro of BriefKey by one of their team members: Founder of BriefKey is Allen Wong. " BriefKey is based in Orlando, FL and has four developers on the team so far. We have several patents and pending patent applications related to language processing, which was the impetus for developing a keyboard app. We hope to use the app as a means to implement some of the work we are doing - while also making the keyboard useful and fun "
@regoapps Wow, really cool keyboard! It would be even better with our SDK in it ( :) Can you please contact me at thanks!