Offline messaging app to communicate with Bluetooth

Bridgefy is an offline messaging app that lets you communicate with friends and family when you don't have access to Internet, by simply turning on your Bluetooth antenna. Ideal for music festivals, sports stadiums, rural communities, natural disasters, etc.
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Bridgefy is a fantastic tool to contact your friends and family or broadcast to Bridgefy users around you, when there is limited internet connection or when internet connection is censored. Bridgefy is largely being reported about for its usage by the Hong Kong protestors, to communicate and plan protests, getting past the 'Great Firewall of China' as Bridgefy relies upon individual users' mobile devices to spread messages. I think this is a fantastic app, not only for its utility in the Hong Kong protests but also in its use cases during natural disasters, music festivals, sports stadiums & rural communities. A note to anyone who may plan to use the app currently, Bridgefy advises that users download the software from the official Android & iOS app stores or otherwise you can download the APK at
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@calum I was wondering how long it would take from reddit yesterday for Bridgefy to be posted on product hunt. Looks awesome and wonder how it compares to other mesh apps like Fire chat by @opengarden
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@opengarden @manny_orduna Ha! Same for me, saw it on reddit when scrolling through during the early hours of the morning and posted it a couple hours later :)
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I came across this through recent news published in forbes. An effective use case for mesh networking.
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@wilsonbright that is exactly what I thought of when watching this.
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