Mixed reality & positionally-tracked VR headset for iPhone

#4 Product of the DayDecember 09, 2016
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Thanks Brad! We’re really excited to launch Bridge - the Occipital team has worked on the hardware and software that powers it for over two years. Even before we launched Structure Sensor, we wanted to bring mind blowing augmented and mixed reality to mobile devices. Bridge is the culmination of years of work (that includes launching Structure Sensor) to create a complete hardware and software stack that makes this possible. Bridge is launching as a developer platform for those creators that want to take a crack at building mixed reality for mobile devices first. And, beyond mixed reality, we’ve also designed it to be a stellar device for creating and consuming mobile virtual reality - including inside-out 6-DoF positional tracking and obstacle avoidance. We’re excited to be able to make this kind of system available now, and we look forward to working with developers to usher in a mixed reality future faster. We’re happy to answer any questions the Product Hunt community has!
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@vikasreddy I am starting my journey in VR/AR and testing products for kids and families. Definitely in a price point I will likely buy. Are you guys going to be at CES?
@prsarahevans Hi Sarah! Yes, we'll be at CES, and will have a booth on the show floor!
@vikasreddy awesome! I'm producing videos for Cox Communications, would love to do one with you guys. Can we email to schedule
@prsarahevans @vikasreddy I'll send you an email so we can set a date/time to meet up. Looking forward to meeting!
@adam_rodnitzky geeking out here. 😍
This is so cool! I did my PhD. close to Nicolas Burrus, and he is one of the best developers I have ever seen! Congrats to the team! Techstars GO GO GO!
@nsxsn Thanks Jorge - we'll let Nicolas (we call him NB ;) ) know!
Mixed reality for iPhone. Wow. 👏👏
@nivo0o0 Thanks, we're excited to launch it on Product Hunt!
Woww can't wait to come over to the office and play with this!! Incredible work guys.
@fletchrichman Where are you at - SF or Boulder? Would be great to have you drop by!
@fletchrichman Cool! Ping @vikasreddy and he can make it happen
@paulingalls thanks! We've worked really hard on it, and are excited to see it out in the world!