Personalize your presentations at scale, in a flash ⚡

Your business presentations, perfectly harmonized and hyper-personalized.
📌 Organize your slides into actionable bricks
🍃 Add variables into your slides
⭕ ️Centralize and share them with your teams, instantly
👌 Build tailored presentations, in a flash ⚡
  • Jb Gariel
    Jb GarielData Scientist

    - Sales slides always up-to-date with latest data - Easy to use and to configure - Save so much time not re-doing my slides 😅


    Nothing yet!

    I'm using bricks for internal and external slides, the tool is linked to my CRM so no need to re-do my slides every 6 months.

    Jb Gariel has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Very intuitive, simple and fast!


    Interface in English for the moment.

    As a Marketer, I have a perfect control on what my Sales teams use. It’s a time-saver and quality enabler for them and for me.

    TiensDonc has used this product for one year.
Can you please share the pricing for Bricks? Also, any chance for name, url, date variables to be imported to produce 50 or 100 presentations at once?
@modcabinetry Hello @modcabinetry ! Yes, you can import name, URL, date and even media (pictures, videos...) or figures variables to produce personalized presentations at scale, individually or in batch. Let's discuss your use case via our contact form on ;)
Great job!!😀 Will check it out! Going to be using this for my every day use
Love the concept. No pricing or ability to try is problematic!
@graeort It will arrive very soon! Let's get in touch before that, contact us through ;)
Congrats on the launch @clement_bricks and @laert_bejtaj - Bricks looks very nice. I'm an investor and would like to know more about your company. Please DM me on twitter: oscarlance_ and let's talk.