Bricks is a reinvention of the classic Brick Breaker game.

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Tosin Afolabi
Tosin AfolabiMakerHiring@tosinaf · Developer, TheNews (iOS) & Bricks
Made by a fellow friend & I. We missed the classic Brick Breaker on our blackberries & couldn't find a decent alternative that wasn't designed to put ad's in your face. We are coders so we took on the challenge to create our ideal Brick Breaker Game. We went for minimalistic design & bright colours, kept the simple mechanic of breaking bricks but added challenging objectives to keep you coming back for more. :) Hope you like it & feel free to give us any feedback you may have!
Frank Caron
Frank Caron@frankycaron · Product guy and writer at large
Pretty solid first attempt! The combo mechanic for getting a new power up is compelling. I like the Dots-esque minimalism, too. Pro-tips: I'd improve the feedback when your clear the screen. The user isn't given enough of an "oomph". The sound effects are likewise a little flat. I'd find a Bandcamp or Soundcloud (search chip tune and sort by views then go to the last page of results) chip tuner who hasn't found much of a following yet and collaborate. That seems to do well on the App Store these days! Good luck!