Showcase, buy, and sell custom LEGO models

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There's some really neat stuff here, like SONIC! (LEGO hunt?)
@rrhoover Would love LEGO hunt. I am such a LEGO fangirl. 😍
@rrhoover Oh and Sonic was the first ever console game that I was super addicted to, haha. AWESOME.
I remember hearing Jay talk about brick link last year. He was giddy like a kid in a Lego store. This is such a great upgrade on the original BrickLink ( — I'm just as excited as Jay was to see where this goes :)
It wasn't obvious at first, but if you buy the design it includes the bricks.
If you use BrickLink, just beware of discolored bricks. I ordered quite a few off the site, and couldn't use them b/c of discoloration (they didn't match each other or the other bricks in the sculpture.)
This is complete genius.