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Morning all, We think too many people are shut out of the property market, so we've created Bricklane.com, with a vision of helping create a fairer market. Through Bricklane.com, a new generation of savers can own a stake in property, whatever their financial position. Customers keep up with house prices, and receive rental income too, by investing in groups of residential property, chosen by a combination of proprietary data modelling and expertise (including some of the UK’s most respected property experts). We're backed by trusted names like Zoopla, and customers are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. We believe that the future needs a more flexible housing market , in which: - if you want to buy a home, you can - if you’re not ready to settle down, you can delay buying without fear of missing out - if you don’t ever buy, you can combine some of the advantages of owning, with the best version of renting We've been fortunate to have help and support in building Bricklane.com from so many hunters who've been incredibly generous with their time and thoughts - so I'd like to take a moment to thank them here. Thanks! We'd love it if you'd check out the site and give us a try, super keen to hear your thoughts. - Tom
@tomcavill Looks like this is UK only, any plans to expand into the US market?
@scawtent Hey Scott, we've got lots of work to do in the UK first, but would love to help out savers stateside too. Watch this space!
@tomcavill love the design, really gives a feeling of security.
This a really interesting prospect. As a heavy and happy user of LendInvest, Bricklane is appealing as I get to benefit from the underlying increase in property value and get a regular income from rental returns. The downside is a lack of guaranteed return and potentially reduced liquidity. With LendInvest, I get the initial investment returned after the loan period (typically 12 months) so I have more flexibility in redeploying my capital. Another big advantage that Bricklane has over LendInvest is its ISA status, so my earnings are tax free up until the threshold. @tomcavill Have I missed anything? While acknowledging that historical performance isn't an indicator of future performance, would £10,000 invested at 7.5% with LendInvest have performed better or worse with Bricklane? Have you run these simulations? Congrats on the launch - love this space.
Hi Edward, Many thanks for the kind words. We think LendInvest is a great product, too, though it's quite different in terms of offering and target market: rather than financing loans, with us you’re investing more directly into residential property (via a fund), hence the focus on ownership. We choose properties and areas which have potential for future price growth, as well as strong rental demand. As you're no doubt aware property prices respond to many different factors: economic, demographic, political etc. Since there can be no certainty about what will happen to prices, we don’t give predictions ourselves (though you’ll find simulated historical performance data on our home page). There are lots of products out there aimed at investors, but we wanted to create something suited to people who would tend to see themselves as savers, especially those with a goal in mind of buying their first home. We aim to give savers a stake in property whatever their financial position. Would love to know your thoughts if you decide to give use a try (I’m on tom@bricklane.com).
Guys, this is awesome. Do you know if there is something like this available in the Netherlands? Off course I would love to join your platform as soon as possible, but reaching the Dutch market will take a while I guess ;)
@thijs_sondag Thanks Thijs! Access to property is certainly a problem elsewhere, so whilst we're focused on the UK for now, we'd love to help out savers in the Netherlands one day, too.