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TIME recently wrote about how LEGOs are looking like a better investment than gold. Some rare and Star Wars sets are seeing huge mark ups. In case any one is looking to diversity their portfolio and have a little fun paying with legos this site can help. :)
@percival who made this site?
@tamireiss @percival Looks like a smart indie developer.
Who knew we were all on to something when so enamoured with our LEGO! I was never one to play with gold that much, maybe Gold chocolate coins...
@bentossell Well they do make gold painted legos....
@percival @bentossell They make "pearl gold" LEGO bricks that are injection molded in a gold colored plastic and "chrome gold" which is the shiny gold that is a chrome layer over the bricks.
@justjon @bentossell it's dangerous to browse their pick a brick selection!