BRIAN : Achieve your goals

Set goals goals, learn new things, keep organised with Brian

Whether you're learning a new skill, researching a holiday, or simply keeping organised, Brian will help you achieve your goals.

Make notes, save links to blogs, articles, videos, cleverly organised under “Topic Boards”. Add goals to trigger nudges.

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Shona_BrianAIALMaker@shonamfletcher · Shona Blackhall,
Hi We are super excited to release our MVP for Brian on the app and play stores. WHO IS BRIAN FOR? Anyone! Well, nearly anyone. Whether you have a particular goal you are striving for, or simply want to be better organised with the time you spend expanding your mind, Brian is for you. If you want a career change and are researching new interests, Brian is for you. Maybe you are a freelancer needing to keep organised and self-motivated, Brian is for you. If you have a life goal you are trying to reach, Brian is for you. Whatever your goals, motivations and interests, Brian can help you keep on track. FEATURES Create Topic Boards of the subjects of interest to you. Create as many Boards as you like Make notes within Boards Use Markdown to format your notes Set Goals within Boards – define your timeframe and importance Add links of relevant articles and web pages to boards To help achieve your goal create a “next step” SUPERCHARGE BRIAN Supercharge Brian by connecting it to your Pocket account. Once Brian is connected to Pocket, Brian will automatically save your news into your relevant Brian Boards using the tag feature within Pocket. Add your own notes to your boards, helping you learn and remember the information that's most important. THE FUTURE Using AI mixed with cognitive science we will be integrating digital nudging techniques to ensure the app helps you achieve your goals and doesn't become another digital irritation. Nudging could take the form of personalised notifications, encouragement graphs, reminder and reflection emails - all tailored to your personal habits learned through what you’ve told Brian, and how you interact it. Visit our website for more information on the Brian roadmap.