Brexit means Brexit

A 5-part interactive explainer to Britain’s proposed EU exit

Brexit means Brexit is a short, interactive, jargon-busting guide to Brexit. Delivered in bite-size chunks over 5 days, it covers the backstory up until now and where we go from here, all taking just a few minutes per day.

Finally catch up on the most important story in Britain, which will effect Europe and the world alike.

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It pains me that we need something like this to explain Brexit, but it's vastly complicated, and there's a ton of misinformation out there. Great li'l set of commentary here explaining the key issues and what progress has been made so far. 💪
@jakeapeters I know what you mean Jake. It's such a vital issue with it's own set of lingo, and the constant daily updates are enough for a lot of people to wave the white flag of overwhelm and turn off. Democracies are built on informed and empowered people, and some of the younger folks we spoke to are especially zoned out from it all right now. Hopefully this can be a small part of helping everyone understand and engage with a super important topic.
@fredrivett super easy to be disenchanted by the whole thing. It's tough to keep up, and a lotta times it seems like all the articles are contradictory. Plus bias is a huge issue. I read a ton about Brexit still, but it's an echo chamber of anti-Brexit liberalism. Actual facts are harder to come by. That's what I loved about this side project! 😍
@jakeapeters On some level bias is unavoidable as we all interpret the facts through our own lens, but we try our best to be objective and fair, and hopefully that comes through here. Thanks Jake 🙌
Hey folks 👋 For the past few months @pace & I have been talking to a bunch of young'uns about their news habits and one thing that keeps coming up is that people are overwhelmed with the news, and in particular, they're sick and tired of Brexit. So tired, they've switched off. So, why are we providing *more* Brexit commentary? We believe context is important, that our democracies need us all to be informed and engaged. Brexit is the defining issue of our time (at least this side of the pond) and so if anything deserves some extra effort, it's this. But context, though vital, must be given in the right package. By slicing it into 5 bite-size, interactive chunks (~3 min read time each), we hope to be able to clear some of the fog surrounding Brexit to help play our part in our nation moving forwards with clarity and purpose. We hope you enjoy this short-series, but whether you do or don't, we'd love your feedback. We'll be hanging out in the comments here most of today ✌️ Many thanks to Larry Ryan ( for writing the content & Alicia Gomez ( for making it look good 🙏

In a world full of social media noise, we need more novel approaches like these to inform and educate the masses on current issues in an objective manner. However, the execution is a bit flawed (see my note on the day 3 form in the cons list).


Excellent format. Really love the short and concise nature of it


Day 3 form broken. Gets stuck after the first question.