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Thanks Pavan for hunting us. Hi guys, We have launched BrewTV, to make discovery of online video content, easy and efficient. BrewTV helps you discover a great variety and quality of videos from the web across many categories picked from multiple video-sharing platforms like youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and much more. Web is a lot of noise. So are the videos in it. In most existing platforms, the viral content forms a major part of our feeds. Most times, the content that goes viral is irrelevant to the user. Also, art forms such as documentaries & short films find it very difficult to make their way to user feeds because the basis of SEO is not audio, visuals, mood & emotions. This is where BrewTV is different than many popular platforms today. BrewTV addresses the need of quality videos by taking a step forward towards using your mood & interest as the basis of content optimization. Our content intelligence team sieves the best content from the web that makes discovery of relevant videos easier for you. Constantly working towards content filtering, curation & recommendation, BrewTV aims to be your first choice for your video needs. Let us know what you think!
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smart app that suggests best videos to view.
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Share Chief Strategy Officer
we are a video streaming technology startup. do u think your recommendations engine can implement to other white label video platform ? cuz from time to time , our corporate clients asking whether we have such engine for them.
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@kimmychen We have built our recommendation engine using various properties of the video like title, description, user comments, location and much more. If the white label video platform that you mentioned also supports these video properties, then our recommendation engine would fit in. Drop in a detailed mail to for further discussion. Thanks.
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