Coffee timer w/ step by step guide for all brewing methods

Coffee timer for your iOS device and the coffee guide you need with recipes by one and only Scott Rao.

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Hi guys, I am Marek Kriz, founder of Brewtime. We have just launched an updated version with coffee recipes made by one and only, Scott Rao. Scott is a world-renowned writer, consultant, and trainer with over 20 years of experience in the coffee industry and you have a great opportunity to learn how to make an exceptional V60, Frenchpress or Aeropress at home. I would be very happy for any kind of feedback! Thanks! Marek
I'm a simple guy: you say coffee, I say yes. Suggestion: instead of coffee by "gram", and water by "ml" can you provide easier alternatives to measure? Maybe if I tap on the weight/volume, it cycles through alternative options like teaspoons/cups?
Very easy and enjoyable app. Thanks guys!
@ivanzatko Thank you Ivan!
downloading know 😻☕
@gonsanchezs Great! Let me know what u think :)
@krizmarek looks great. I'm going to try the Aeropress recipe tomorrow. Slightly different to what I do. The only thing missing, IMHO, is the grind setting. Quite important.
@gonsanchezs This is a great point, we will add this in next update :)
Wonderful app. Very glad suggested proportions are dynamic with the slider. Seems like the timer should be affected by the amount too? Surely it takes longer to pour 166ml of water than it does to pour 88ml... Positive experience over all, will certainly recommend!
@ckalegi Hi Cameron, thank you for great feedback! We know about this and release it in the next update ✌️