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Where the locals get their coffee ☕

Where the locals get their coffee.
We curate the best coffee experiences in the world so you're never far from a sweet cup of Covfefe. Is your favorite coffee shop listed? If not, submit a listing and we will do the rest!
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Has all my favorites listed. Seems pretty easy to use, would be great to have a android app.
@auscryptolife great! You can always suggest/report a missing Cafe just in case :)
brewstr has over 2000 coffee shops listed in around the world including the world's favourite coffee destinations: Australia - Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth USA - New York, Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles Canada - Vancouver Cuba - Havana Iceland - Reykjavik UK - London Italy - Rome Japan - Tokyo New Zealand - Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch Turkey - Istanbul Is your favorite coffee shop listed? If not, submit a listing at and we'll do the rest!
In the past few days we've teamed up with some local startups to add 'Order Now' functions to cafes which support it! Further, we've made some improvements to usability of the site; we've updated some of the most visited pages on the site to be more user friendly and less complex, such as adding a new cafe and leaving a review. We're loving all the good vibes that other cafe owners, baristas, and coffee influencers alike have been giving us on Instagram, so come check out our page there too -