A monthly subscription for brewing your own beer at home

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Oh this is great. A lot of friends here in Minneapolis are home brewing & I almost hooked my brother in law up with this, then saw it was UK only. Is there a way to be notified of a US roll out?
@paulprins thanks very much, great to hear you like it. You can sign up to the newsletter on our homepage and we will notify everyone when we've expanded to the US Hope that helps :)
This would make a great gift for the home brewer in your life! Looks like it's just the UK right now.
@riaface Wow! You know who'd like this? @bogomep :D P.S. They better hurry and spread everywhere...
@riaface we are only in the UK at the moment, but give us time and we'll look further afield :)
Hi all! We have launched now, so our 3 best beers for the month are available to buy. There's a discount when you come over from PH and no need to subscribe. We release 3 beers each month which are tailored for the season and cover different tastes, but you don't need to subscribe to try us!
A bit of history about Brewly. We started as an idea from @joe_gardiner who loved beer but had never thought of brewing it himself. He, like many people, thought that you needed a shed, loads of equipment and to spend a fortune in time and money. Joe made friends with @duke_retro who was a well seasoned home brewer with loads of ideas for recipes. Brews were made, shared and critiqued. "Hey, said Joe, I could get into this but it's a lot of hassle and I have a family to chase around after now (me and our two boys). Let's make a product that makes it more accessible to everyone, it's not fair to keep all these great brews to ourselves" "There are loads of homebrewing kits around, Huw (@duke_retro) said, but the beer that comes from them generally tastes awful." "Let's take that challenge and make something that bridges the gap between spending £1000's or brewing rubbish beer" They teamed up with our other co-founder John who owns a brewing shop and has loads of knowledge with it. Spent a good year or so creating great recipes and testing them rigorously, and the rest is history!