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Rogue London
Rogue London@iamroguelondon · Grateful and determined.
Jordan Gardiner
Jordan Gardiner@jordsta · Product @ Popgun
Late to the conversation but this looks real nice, fellow Aussies! One tiny grammatical flaw to your website though: that headline should read 'Artisan Teas Delivered Monthly', not 'tea's'.
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Services for startups
Cuppa tea @Ems_Hodge? A bit wary of this... my uncle moved to Australia 20+ years ago but still needs PG Tips shipped over to have a 'proper' cup of tea 😛
Alexander Sutherland
Alexander Sutherland@deleted-89978
Hey Product Hunt :) Firstly, thank you @jon for posting! So… I am very excited to have my first physical product live on PH. To give you a little backstory; Up until early 2015 I had never drunk tea in my entire life. Why? I assumed I didn’t like the taste & instead I would always opt for coffee. But after stumbling onto an article that was talking about the health benefits of green tea, I gave it a shot, and I am so glad I did. Don’t get me wrong, I still like a good cup of coffee, but I find the world of tea so interesting. The huge variety and vast amount of different blends available just make tea always that bit more exciting to drink, because every cup could easily be different than your last. So that’s why I started Brewing Crate, to allow people to discover a variety of different tea blends. I am based in Melbourne, Australia and the quality of the suppliers here is incredible. A Brewing Crate subscription is just $25 per month :) I’d love to hear any & all feedback you guys have. Or send me an email at ‘’ if you have any specific questions.
Alexander Sutherland
Alexander Sutherland@deleted-89978
BTW, if you are interested in having Brewing Crate supply a variety of tea to your business / office, feel free to shoot me an email at ‘’ or forward that email address to your CEO / Office Manager etc.
Alexander Sutherland
Alexander Sutherland@deleted-89978
Lastly: Use coupon 'PHLOVE' to receive a 10% discount, every month you are a member!
Sam Doshi
Sam Doshi@samir_doshi · Co Founder @
Yeah this is awesome