Brewguide IO

Web app summarizing coffee brewing with submitted data.

BrewGuide uses a simple application constructed on Python (Flask with Built in Pandas & Numpy), Bootstrap, and D3 to summarize results from coffee brewing methods. Use submitted data to determine how much coffee to grind for a brew or submit results from a specific brew you completed.

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Thanks for hunting @archdoog -- this is one for the coffee lovers! ☕️ First of all, what's your preferred brew of choice? Secondly, what's the story behind Brewguide?
@abadesi -- My preferred method right now is French press, it seems to produce really good coffee more consistently and with less work. That said, some of the best cups I’ve personally made were with pour over! Brewguide came to be when I was searching for how much coffee to use for a pour over at home. With pour over especially, everyone has a different size cup, carafe or pot. The main question was, why not make it possible to quickly calculate an amount of coffee specifically for a method and vessel? Basing this calculation on subjectively rated results was the last step in making it transparent and encouraging the experimentation required to refine the data set behind the amount. Roasters tend to have excellent how to guides. Brewguide aims to make it easier to get started and eventually as the data set grows, will be able to show detailed ratings by roast type, bean geography, and even by roaster!
This is stellar! Thank you for this!
This is amazing!
Totally cool - should team up with some of the other products for coffee on product hunt, teach you how to best brew!
@csabounjian Absolutely! As the data set grows making an API available for submitting brew data and requesting summary or raw data will be on the top of the list!