A bot that delivers beer over Facebook Messenger!

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How does this work?! 🍻
@bentossell Howdy! It delivers beer! The registration is admittedly clunky, you'll need 3 things for this to be amazing. 1. A NimbleChat Account, 2. A Account, 3. Live in NYC - People are buying beer, promise! :) Thanks for taking a look! We just shipped yesterday beta styles! We'll keep smoothing things out and put together some documentation very shortly!
Your page doesn't work: also there is no description of what it does
@bogomep we've been having trouble with users in UK/EU and India. Currently, the product works best in the NYC area and only in the US.
A couple of questions: 1. Who is delivering your products to consumers? Are they licensed to deliver alcohol? Contractors? 2. Outside of your chatbot experience, how does this service differentiate from OD alcohol delivery services like Drizly, Saucey and Thirstie?
@cleggskie Howdy! Our delivery partner is at the moment and they are completely licensed. Our differentiation comes as the bot grows. It is always learning how to interact with people who want to buy beer. So, as it grows it becomes more human like. We've just launched v4, try it out!
@nothinggrinder "as the bot grows" - can you say more, on a technical level? I assume you are referring to "AI"?
@cleggskie I was talking about growing engagements, we are slow growing but growing so indeed the A.I. gets better the more it interacts with humans. Have a shot! BrewBot is pretty smart at this point.
Here's a bit about who we are!
Please let this work in NY, PLEASE!
@andrewpflynn It definitely works in NY! :)