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What if you meticulously kept track of every coffee you ever drank — including all the flavor characteristics present in each coffee, and whether or not you liked it — analyzed all your data, and then visualized the results? Fortunately, you don't have to: your Brew Log does exactly that. The Brew Log utilizes the latest sensory science research and machine learning techniques to discover your coffee palate's fundamental attributes, and Crema.co's content-based recommendation engine then delivers personalized suggestions to you based on those very characteristics. To see more, checkout my recent blog posts from today and earlier this month: * Personalized Recommendations: Coffees Tailored to You — https://blog.crema.co/personaliz... * The Brew Log: Your Coffee Palate, Visualized — https://blog.crema.co/the-brew-l... * Ratings: Remember the Coffees You Love — https://blog.crema.co/ratings-re... And we're also on GeekWire today: http://www.geekwire.com/2016/cre... For background, coffee marketplace Crema.co connects coffee drinkers with roasted-to-order coffees from specialty roasters around the US. We launched in December, 2015, and currently offer around 50 coffees from 15 unique roasters.