Pour over coffee recipes

Brewing a great cup of coffee is hard. Brew was designed to make it easier. Follow the pre-loaded recipes, or add your own, and brew consistently great cups of coffee. The app comes pre-loaded with Chemex, V60, and Aeropress recipes from some of the best coffee roasters.
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Coffee is an essential part of my daily routine. At first I would buy a cup of coffee, then I had a setup in my house and bought beans, then I started roasting my own beans. As I got more and more into coffee I realized just how hard it is to brew a great cup. I built Brew to make it just a little easier.
Taha ahmed khan
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I like the landing page, straight to the point

This is an AMAZING app! I've found it so hard to get my coffee consistent with all the changing variables like water temperature and amount, brew time, coffee grind and amount. It's so hard to keep track of all of those at once, especially if you use more than one brew method regularly. This product finally saves all my problems. THANK YOU!


This is amazing!


App could be a little cheaper