The world's smallest coffee maker ☕️

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Hi guys! This is my first project which I run along with my friend. We are fresh out of University, looking to revolutionise the way we drink coffee! BREW.BAG is a pre-filled, single use coffee filter bag — allowing you to drink fresh, great tasting coffee as quickly and conveniently as you would an instant coffee. In our ideal world, the consumption of instant coffee would cease to exist: no more compromising on taste; no more unsustainably sourced coffee. We hand pick our fresh coffee from around the world and make sure that all our beans are ethically sourced, with many carrying more than one trade certification. Check out our Kickstarter for more information I would be delighted to answer any questions you may have!
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@think_andreah thank you very much for your kind words! We absolutely do ship internationally! I'm glad you feel the same way. We want to make drinking fresh coffee completely accessible to everyone who loves coffee and feel this is the perfect way to do it!
The world's smallest coffee maker! ☕️💫
Looks great ! I totally agree that having a coffee should be as simple as getting a cup of tea + I would totally use this for backpacking trips (instead of having to carry filters + coffee + the whole kitchen tools) ! Depending on your coffee though, I might prefer buying your filters only and adding my own coffee instead, but we'll see :)
@kevin_ferret We feel the preparation of coffee is sometimes over complicated, and often there's no need! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on our coffee.
Interesting! I see these everywhere in Japan, with local shops and big supermarkets both having their own price ranges, varieties and packaging. I wouldn't say it is revolutionary or the smallest in the world, considering it has been in the market for a long time. However I do see a market in many countries that may not commercialize it. (I was myself surprised when I discovered this, and have never come back from brewing coffee!). I have never seen it in Europe except for Japanese shops, or the classic round with a lid (french-style) you can get in many supermarkets. Best of luck!