Quickly find the best insurance plans for your pets.

Hi We're Breezy, we want to help you quickly find the best and most affordable insurance for your pets!
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Hi Product Hunt community, my name is Jason and I'm one of the makers of Breezy! We're extremely excited to share our product MVP launch with you. Please feel free to comment below with any questions. All feedbacks are greatly appreciated! A little background story: As someone who owns a dog that has gone through 3 surgeries with the most recent one being last week, I've gone through phases of not having pet insurance to having pet insurance and back to not having pet insurance. The reason why we decided to build Breezy is that as a pet parent myself, I found the pet insurance search process to be extremely redundant and overwhelming as you have to fill out the same application form over and over again just to get a quote. In addition, understanding each provider's policy and exclusions can be very frustrating as they can be quite different depending on the plan you choose. Lastly, there is no clear evidence as to why the prices vary so much when comparing one company to another. Our goal is to make the pet insurance search process easy and transparent. And we’re in the process of adding more providers to our website our users will have more options to compare and choose from. This is our MVP launch and we’re still at least a few weeks away from the solution that we initially envisioned. However, after the first week of YC Startup School course where Michael Seibel emphasized the importance of having an MVP and getting feedback from customers early on, my Co-Founder Richard & I sat down and discussed what we can do or how many features we can trim down to get something out in 4 weeks instead of 10, which led to our launch today!
I love how simple and easy it is. Very short amount of time to get to quotes. The layout looks great and very easy to navigate. I love the calculator y’all added. Great product hope it does well.
@brian_wilson4 Hi Brian, thank you so much for the feedback and kind words!
Great job! I noticed it’s missing Healthy Paws though. Any reason why?
@raj_patel95 Hi Raj, thank you for checking us out! We're currently working on adding HealthyPaws 😊
@himanshu_kandwal thank you Himanshu! I hope all is well with you! Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments!
Oh! How i love pets!! 😍 Having pet in my home does make me feel more comfortable and happy. Especially when i get home from somewhere and they're so excited to see me 😊😍
@acedaveee Hi Ace, thank you so much for sharing. We definitely feel the same way about our pets as well!