Save URLs, take notes and define priority tasks for projects

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Hello Product Hunt! :) My name is Ciprian, one of the makers of Breezee. I really have no idea where to start - this being my first post on PH - oh, well... here goes nothing! Full speed ahead, captain! We're three web addicts - to be more exact - one designer, one back-end developer and one front-end developer. Freelancing is no mystery to us, working with clients and juggling multiple projects on a daily basis. But as time went by, we became more and more frustrated about switching between projects - trying to remember where we left the work hanging, from where we should pick off, which are the most important tasks that need attention... It's freaking hard, right?! Yeah, yeah... I know... there are tons of other services which solve, in one way or another, these pains but information gets scattered across the web, while having too many options for something which should be insanely easy... At that point, we decided to come up with a solution to our needs! Here's what Breezee can do: - Save Web Addresses - the links you need to access while working on a project and open them super fast. - Save notes, per project - think about this feature as your never-ending pack of e-sticky-notes. - Define priority tasks - keep yourself focused on your daily main objectives. We think it's a blazing fast Web App, which can help you to flow during the working day. I should mention it comes pumped with a Chrome Extension, it's eye-candy and injected with motivational messages. Feedback, suggestions, and general thoughts are most welcome! You can visit our Public Trello Board at Thanks and Stay Awesome! Ciprian
Hey, @egosferic! Just started using Breezee and I think it is super cool! I also have a feature suggestion that I know I personally would like to see - a calendar :-) It might be a silly suggestion but I know it would improve my workflow :-$ Just a thought :-) Another thing I was thinking of is a way to attach pictures to notes. That would be super helpful! Let me know if you are thinking of doing something like that, I am very interested. Thanks! And awesome job, guys!
@lecanardmalade Holy molly! Sorry man, for some reason I missed your comment... I can only super-apologize :) Are you still using Breezee? I really hope you do! Either way, here's my reply: yes, a calendar is underway (I'm currently designing the feature); regarding attaching pictures to notes - that's a very awesome suggestion, it's on the to-do list! Thank you so much for your feedback! (ps - sorry, really... sorry for missing your comment!)
Uncommonly similar name to may I say :)
@vladzima Breeze is not that uncommon... Just perform a quick search on PH :)