A weather app with a minimal, bold and ad-free design.

Breeze is a weather app with a simple, bold and ad-free user interface. Available on iOS and Android phones and tablets.
Powered by Dark Sky, Breeze brings the most accurate weather to your device and presents it in a minimal and easy-use way.
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Breeze started as an experiment to take a small concept through the entire app development process myself. Built with love and React Native.
Hi Stu, I just installed and it is really good. I hope you make a homepage widget for android!
Love the clean design. Minor suggestion is to change the display name on iOS. (Currently BreezeWeat...)
@s_reinhold yeah, good point. On my iPad I can see the full name but I guess it wouldn’t be visible on an iPhone. Just “breeze” would be better in my opinion.
Nice work @stufreen! Just downloaded this. Looks good and I'm keeping it as my go-to default app. Any plans for an Android homepage widget? I really miss Google Weather's Horizontal 4x1 widget, there haven't been any good ones like that since but if you could do this, it would make it 💯 :)
@kevinyun Thanks! A few people have mentioned this so it's definitely something I'm looking into.
why not available in india??