Polls for Snapchat

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I'm curious as to why you describe it as "for Snapchat"? There doesn't seem to be anything Snapchat specific other than the tutorial on how to use their paperclip feature to attach your link.
Hey @eeirinberg! Tell us about breeze. How did you get started?
Hey Product Hunt! Excited to launch Breeze! After playing around with Snapchat's link feature, I loved the idea of attaching something additional to snaps and stories. I thought polls would be a fun first add-on. It took me a just few days to develop and design Breeze for both iOS and Android, and I'm working quickly to update it with more fun features. Let me know if you have any suggestions!
Nice idea - actually if there is a url we could link it anywhere!
since a lot of people attach links in their snaps, this could be an alternative. i love it! :)