A Bluetooth breathalyzer that'll grab you a cab.

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@alyssabereznak took one for the team in this "review" of Breeze. :) When you're over the limit, it calls you an Uber/cab. Really clever.
@alyssabereznak and @rrhoover check out our new video:
@charlesmyim I remember seeing you on Shark Tank a while ago. I'm curious to hear how that affected your business and what you did to get on the show.
@rrhoover yes, and we're about to make our 4th appearance soon on the show! ;) It's been super helpful - everything from massive PR exposure, funding, great support, intros to key people and help from the celebrity investors like Mark Cuban. Since then, we've continued to generate a ton of sales from it and also inbound inquiries for acquisition, sales, distribution, partnerships, investment, etc. Game changing for any company.