Streamline requirement gathering for website projects's goal is to help streamline the requirements-gathering process of building a website. Simply put, it's a productivity tool for freelancers and web agencies who want to cut down time spent during the requirements-gathering phase of their web projects.
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Hello! Thought I'd give some background behind this little side-project of mine: During my time working for design agencies and running my own freelance business, I began to realise how much time was spent simply trying to gather and understand client requirements. Client requirements would typically come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, making it extremely time-consuming having to extract the key information needed to quote or begin the work. This would result in various back-and-forth emails, meetings and phone calls. If you're a small agency or a freelancer, time is your most precious commodity and these activities can eat away at that. For bigger clients with bigger budgets, perhaps this is not so much of a concern, but I found we lost a lot of business working with the smaller clients that fell slightly below the sort of budget we could cater for, so why not attempt to streamline the process with them in order to offer your services to a wider audience and give those smaller clients the opportunity to save on costs. This is essentially what lead me to build this little tool! Would love to hear what you think :)
@ashley_mosuro Hi Ashley, I am glad you created this tool and I am excited to try it out, as well as, seeing it develop. I requested access through the website :)
@mbaligh22 thank you :) You should have received a response with details about how to access it, so have a go and let me know if you have any feedback here or via the Feedback link in-app!