Breather 2.0

Find a space of your own faster, w/ more flexible scheduling

Breather 2.0 lets you book beautiful rooms on demand for meetups, away days or whatever else you need.

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Could not be a bigger fan of Breather.
@davemorin Thanks Dave! Appreciate the kind words.
I love Breather, but don't love the prices Not that they aren't justified, I'm sure it takes a lot to keep these spaces looking nice. I just can't spend that much. But, I'd love to be able to share a room with other people, a la Uber POOL. If the price got down to $5/hour and I shared the space with 4 other people, I'd be there all the time.
v2.0 brings: • Need for Speed: Our super-speedy filter populates search results as you scroll to speed up the booking process. Win-win! • The Big Picture: Our updated list view features a bigger, better and more beautiful way to browse spaces. • More Love for Our Listings: Our updated list view highlights locations available nearest you based on immediate and upcoming availability. • Location, Location, Location: Now, you can easily select a city with our drop-down menu – it’s ideal when you’re using Breather while travelling. • Take the Time You Need: Now, you can filter available spaces by length of reservation, in addition to date and time.
I'm a super introvert who works best alone in quiet spaces so I have always wanted to try this! I think I would use it if the prices were about half-- I see places near me for $32 an hour and just can't justify it, but for $15 an hour I would use it. That being said, if I needed it for a meeting, $32 is a great deal! I would mostly just use this for getting some work done/alone time. The website is beautiful and works great. Congrats on your 2.0!