Breathe Machine

A virtual tool to help with breathing exercises and anxiety.

A simple virtual tool to help with breathing exercises, stress and anxiety. For anyone who needs It.
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I really like the idea! It would be also cool to have presets and descriptions for some well-known breathing exercises.
Good idea. I'll plan doing it next. Thank you @bilevn
Cool idea. Love the simplicity. Will definitely use it in times of anxiety.
Thank you @patryk_golabek. I am glad you liked it.
Like the UI very much. No clutter just useful stuff.
Thank you @pratik_kr2008. Really glad you liked it.
Hi, Salem! Great idea! Could you add the ability to customize and share parameters in url? It could look like that: For example, in Alex Charfen business community especially popular breathing technique with 7 sec in inhale and 7 sex exhale without delay. I’m teaching that every friend and employee.
Great idea. Thank you @aaron_levi_yahalom. I'll just start working on it right away.
@aaron_levi_yahalom new changes are live now. The url should look like this: ?in=7&h1=0&ex=7&h2=0 But no need to remember any of that. The url in browser should auto update as you move the switchers, so you only need to copy the url as it is later. Thank you again for the suggestion and for the feedback.
3D design needs to come back wow
Yes it should :) Glad you liked it @0xholman. Thank you for.